The ‘Talking Cure’

The ‘Talking Cure’ has been well known for centuries as an effective support tool when you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or just wishing to make changes in your life.

Counselling is provided on a individual basis or to groups.

Personal Therapy is provided to therapists and trainee therapists as part of thier course requirements.

Counselling offers a non-judgemental, professional guidance and supportive environment with a counsellor who adheres to a code of ethics and guidelines set out by governing bodies such as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and my commitment to continual professional development with skills and knowledge for the safety of both client and counsellor.

Our first session together gives us the opportunity to explore what might be troubling you and how we may wish to work together and whether counselling is the best approach to support you. This introductory session may feel daunting, but it can be the first step towards seeking help and making positive changes in your life.

Counselling takes place at a date and time that suits you, this may be day or evening appointments depending on your needs.

I understand that when people are considering counselling they want to know what might be involved and the support they might need to help them with their difficulties or better manage their life.

Your first appointment will be an introductory session which will last about one hour, during this time you will be able to describe your concerns so that I can assess the most effective form of supporting you, if you are unsure if this form of therapy will help, please feel free to ask. Accessing counselling can be a daunting experience and you may be unsure if it will provide what you seek. The first meeting will explore the potential benefits and consider how it might work for you with no obligation to proceed.

I am an ‘Integrative’ counsellor, which means that I am not tied to one particular model of therapy but able to effectively combine aspects of several models to better fit the needs of each client.

I see individual clients in my own practice rooms, which provide a confidential, comfortable and safe environment in which to build a strong therapeutic alliance fostering a relationship of trust and openness.

Clients come to me because they want to talk in a warm, confidential and empathetic setting to express their concerns, resolve ingrained patterns of behaviour and learn how to make alternative choices.

Individuals – £35 per session – 50 mins
Couples – £50 per session – 60 mins

Students £25
Cancellation and Holidays – Appointments missed because you are ill and you have given me 24 hours notice, or because you are on holiday are not charged for.


Areas I have experience working in and that counselling can provide support for:
• Overcome worry, Doubt, Confusion and Anger Management
• Depression, Anxiety, Stress
• Inferiority feelings
• Bereavement and Loss
• Alcohol and Drug Abuse
• Career Dilemma
• Lack of Self-esteem
• Emotional and Relationship Problems
• Mental and Physical Abuse
• Increase your Self-esteem and achieve more satisfaction in life
• Lack of Confidence,
• Behaviour Management Control,
• Improve your performance at work
• Identify your Abilities, Hopes and Expectations, and how to act on these
• Understand how unhelpful patterns and behaviour are affecting your life
• Couple Counselling, Adolescence and Youth, and Parent/Child and Chronic pain
Duration of Counselling:

I work with clients on both a short (6-12 weeks) and long term (open ended) basis depending upon their needs; this is something that we would discuss at our initial meeting.



I offer clinical supervision to individuals and groups of counsellors and to Complimentary Therapists.
I offer a supportive and stimulating supervisory working alliance in which practitioners and trainees can explore and reflect on themselves and their practice. I have conducted informal and formal supervision on both short and long term basis working individually and in group settings to help with guidance, support, psycho-educational, everyday good practice guidelines and constructive feedback. I work with seasoned practitioners working in organisational settings and private practice and with trainee counsellors through University of Ulster and other local training agencies.

Supervision is a place of trust where a healthy relationship gives me a safe place to acknowledge and work with my clinical concerns, stresses, fears and joys. (Johnson 2003)

If you are interested in group supervision, this can take place in my premises or at your organisation.

If you give less than 24 hr notice you may be charged a £25 cancellation fee.


Provided individually or to groups.
Supervision takes place at a date and time that suits you; this may be day or evening appointments depending on your needs.
Supervision lasts from 60 to 90 mins and is booked once per month of more frequently if needed. Supervision is a regular, protected time for facilitated, in-depth reflection on clinical practice.
Bond and Holland (1998)

Supervision is a platform to discuss ongoing client work, taking place on a regular basis with an experienced practitioner of counselling and of the supervisory process. The role of a supervisor is that of informing and supporting supervisees, striving to increase their skills and awareness when working with clients, containing the supervisee’s anxiety or other presenting concerns. As an effective supervisor I will provide structure, direction and offer observations, making available much needed support, impart skills, knowledge and understanding.

Supervision is a working alliance between two professionals where supervisee’s offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback, and receive guidance if appropriate.

Individuals – £45 per 60 mins £50 – £60 per – 90 mins
Student rates also available please call to discuss.
Groups negotiable.
Initial consultation / introductory session 50% of normal session fee.
Cancellation and Holidays – Appointments missed because you are ill and you have given me 24 hours notice, or because you are on holiday are not charged for.

I am a professional trainer, commited to a high standard of practice delivering training to counsellors, students and professionals who are interested in developing thier skils and knowledge bases.

Training workshops embrace a participative approach to the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitudes. My training will equip you, your staff and collegues to engage more effectively in the workplace.

Please see below for some examples but not limited to the type of the raining I can deliver:

Addiction – Impact on self and family

Alcohol and other drugs
Bereavement and loss
Mental health issues
Personal Development

Offending behaviours
Self Esteem
Self Harm,
Risk management.

Working with challenging clients

Training programmes are facilitated to the needs of the participants, structured creatively with inclusion of group work, literature references, skills practice and handouts.

CPD certificates are presented to each participant.

Durations: Workshop can be delivered on a day (6 hours) or half day (3 hours) basis.