Areas I have experience working in and that counselling can provide support for:
• Overcoming Worry, Doubt, Confusion and Anger Management
• Depression, Anxiety, Stress •Inferiority feelings
• Bereavement and Loss •Alcohol and Drug Abuse
• Career Dilemma •Lack of Self-esteem

• Mental and Physical Abuse -Lack of Confidence,
• Emotional and Relationship Problems
• Increase your Self-esteem and achieve more satisfaction in life
• Behaviour Management Control,
• Improve your performance at work
• Identify your Abilities, Hopes and Expectations, and how to act on these
• Understand how unhelpful patterns and behaviour are affecting your life
•Adolescence, Youth, and Parent/Child

Duration of Counselling:

I work with clients on both a short (6-12 weeks) and long term (open ended) basis depending upon their needs; this is something that we would discuss at our initial meeting.

Provided face to face / online individually or to groups.

Cost is £40 per 50 minute session. If you give less than 24 hr notice or do not attend a scheduled appointment, you may be charged a £25 cancellation fee.


I offer a supportive and stimulating supervisory working alliance in which practitioners can explore and reflect on themselves and their practice. I have conducted informal and formal supervision on both short and long term basis working individually and in group settings to help with guidance, support, psycho-educational, everyday good practice guidelines and constructive feedback.

Supervision is a place of trust where a healthy relationship gives me a safe place to acknowledge and work with my clinical concerns, stresses, fears and joys. (Johnson 2003)

If you are interested in group supervision, this can take place in my premises or at your organisation.

If you give less than 24 hr notice you may be charged a £25 cancellation fee.

Provided face to face / online individually or to groups.

Cost for individual supervision: £40 per 60 minutes or £60 per 90 minute session to BACP minimum requirements.

Cost for group supervision: Contact for group rates


I have designed and delivered training courses, information sessions, awareness presentations and Continued Professional development events

Based in Northern Ireland, training can be delivered both North and South of the border to all groups, organisations and companies both face to face and via online formats.